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We are experts with the lending workflow. Follow along to see how we solve Lenders’ problems and ultimately help them close more deals.


Due diligence

Challenge: Too many emails and
conference calls.

Let's face it; Managing deals through email and a document management system result in slower closings and higher legal fees. The harsh reality is that email chains pile up, document chasing becomes the majority of your time, and data rooms end up a clunky mess.

Solution: Real time closing and due diligence checklist.

ProDeal is real-time closing checklist that does the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your clients and closing deals. The system keeps everyone organized and creates transparency on what items are left to get done. Its easy to see which version of a document is the latest, and even sends reminders to your clients so you can eliminate those document chasing phone calls.

Client case

"Pre-ProDeal we were spending probably 40-to-50%of our time doing document chasing. Now, 80% of our time is spent on relationships and deals"

— Gary Anderson, Partner, Cardinal Capital


Challenge: What’s going on? 
Where we at?

Borrowers and Brokers want to know what’s going on all the time.

Solution: Use status to know what’s going on.

Use status and filters to know what’s going on and what items may still be open. Get automated status emails, use notes so you nothing gets lost in an email chain, and even email documents directly into the checklist from your inbox.

Client review

"Prodeal gives a peace of mind and assurance. You never have to check if you have a document, it is always in the Prodeal room."

— A big law partner


Challenge: Pressure from client to close faster.

Closing faster is impossible without boosting  efficiency of all the parties involved.

Solution: Increase time savings.

Close faster by streamlining the process and following the definitive checklists.

Client review

"The first step in our mission is to organize and secure the closing process. The next step is to automate the day to day tasks that are a waste of everyone’s time and money. The final step is to provide insight and intelligence so that even the largest transactions can be seamless and instant, from sourcing to securitization."

— A big law associate


Challenge: Broken handoff between aquisitions, closing, and  asset management.

Post-closing activities like construction draws, maintenance, and surveillance are constrained.

Solution: Introduce Asset Managers to the platform.

Introduce Asset Managers to the platform for all the post-closing activities and smooth handoffs between them , acquisitions,  and closing management.

Client case

ProDeal saves over $16,000 and 48 hours on CRE deal.

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